Some stuff I’ve been listening to on repeat lately:

  • A Certain Trigger by Maxïmo Park. Found through Discover Weekly on Spotify. Apply Some Pressure starts out guns blazing, but suddenly cools down for a moment (“I like to wait to see how things turn out / If you apply some pressure”), before continuing on with a driving beat. The album, as a whole, has a sound that’s reminiscent of Modest Mouse and The Strokes, but more optimistic than either of them.

  • Little Broken Hearts by Norah Jones. Recommended by a friend. A lot of the album is catchy grooves – the bass and drums keep those songs going strong despite slow tempos. She makes really interesting use of a variety of sounds throughout the album – check out the delay guitar in Little Broken Hearts, or the Peanuts teacher wah in the chorus of Happy Pills. Norah Jones almost seems incapable of extreme emotions despite writing and singing about breakup… perhaps she was taking happy pills at the time.

  • Nyango Star. This went viral last week in my social media:

    I’ll say no more besides that YOU REALLY NEED TO WATCH TO THE END OF THE VIDEO.